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Historic Downtown Corsicana

Discover a delectable shopping experience.You will be enticed by pastries, cakes, pies and homemade breads.  We now offer Freshly Made Sandwiches, Soups and Salads.


Added by MSK

Love this place....I have been going to CSB since 1967, when we moved here from California. Once a month from Houston to Dallas to visit family, as a teenager and young adult. Now I'm taking my kids!!!
Added by deech

I love this bakery me and my girlfriend stopped by in Waco you should consider opening a store in Houston its a wonderful place and they staff are great!!
Added by Francy

For many years my grandfather used to help out at the bakery during the Christmas season. Every year he would send one of the fruitcakes that he helped to make to my mother for Christmas. It has become a Christmas tradition at my house to have a fruitcake as a Christmas morning breakfast choice or as one of the desserts.
Added by C

I can't remember a Christmas without a Pecan Fruit Cake. It always brought a little of Grandma to us. From Iran, Finland, Austria, Yugoslavia and Okinawa there was always a little bit of home for the holidays. My folks always shared them with the foreign service crowd but we did get some. My folks have since passed but my sisters and brother are still attempting to keep the tradition alive. Thanks CSB.
Added by YMG

Sorry to say I have not been to your bakery but have had the pecan bread and other goodies from a friend that has shopped at your bakery. Loved the pecan bread and plan to visit your bakery in the near future. Many thanks.
Added by Billy

I have ordered the DeLuxe® fruitcake for my mother and sister over the years. They love this stuff so much that I have ordered the pecan pie to find out what everyone is raving about. I can't wait to eat it. Thanks for putting love into everything you do.
Added by Cindy

We stop by your bakery when we drive from Georgia to visit family in Texas. Love it!! It's become a tradition and many times we've even planned our travel time to pass through Corsicana when you are open. Keep up the good work.
Added by C.

My family has been eating Collin Street fruitcake all my life. I am a grandma so it has been a very long time. We have had it in Indonesia, Libya, and right here in the States. Thank goodness for shipping. What a joy it was when we move here to Texas and we can visit the bakery at will. Thanks Collin Street Bakery!
Added by T.

I received your fruitcake this year as a Christmas gift. I used to live in Texas and remember hearing about this place. My mother in law used to make fruitcakes and now she is no longer with us, so getting a fruitcake from Texas when I live in Washington state was wonderful. I love fruitcake, and this one is delicious. It also reminds me of my mother in law when she made them every year. I tried to make one last year without much success. Thank you for your business. I look forward to trying all your products.
Added by V.

Our family was in your bakery and I just have to say that the two young men that waited on us at the register were absolutely wonderful. They really seemed to love their job! One of them gave my little ones a cookie and slice of pineapple nut cake, on the house! Thanks so much for making our travel a bit sweeter. The food was delicious. :)
Added by C.

I have been enjoying the DeLuxe® Fruitcake since I was a child, and in my book there is none better to be eaten. And if you are not a fan of fruit cake, just try this one and you will be hooked. Thank you so much for the best fruit cake in Texas and the world.
Added by B.

I just received a loaf of your pecan bread. What a wonderful treat. I will be calling to order more.
Added by Duilio Piana

I read in the 60's on an American magazine about this bakery and since that day we use to buy the fruit cake for Christmas. It's a tradition that we hope to improve coming to see you directly one day! Thanks.

Added by Elizabeth

CSB is a jewel in Texas' crown! Great people/Great products!!
Added by Kathy

This is my favorite store. They have the best people working there and it brings back memories of me living in Corsicana. Wish there was one closer to Weatherford.
Added by charlene

I've read all the comments and can't wait to receive my fruitcake. I just watched the food network channel about all the favorite foods of the chefs. Your fruitcake got great review so I have ordered it. I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
Added by CAROLYN

I was very pleased to finally find the source for the wonderful fruitcakes loved by my Grandmother and Mother both from near Corsicana, so perhaps it is "in the blood". Grandma was a big fan of fruit cake, but the Deluxe Pecan Fruitcake was the only one I ever liked or would even eat, as a child. As an adult, long after Grandma and Mom had passed I was a loss for knowing where to get the "good" fruitcake, and simply quit eating fruitcake. Now I can once again have the delicious Deluxe Pecan Fruitcake of my fond childhood memories. Today I have reordered the Large Deluxe Pecan Fruitcake after the first one went almost as soon as it came into my home!
I especially liked it with Blue Bell Mexican Praline Ice Cream on the side. It was a lovely welcome home to Texas.

Thank you!!!
Added by Dale

My friends and relatives as well as myself have really enjoyed the many goodies
from Collins Street Bakery over the years.

I will be ordering several Christmas gifts this year.

Dale Riley
Durham, North Carolina
Added by C. M.

I live in FL and, many years ago, while visiting my grandparents with my mother, my grandparents took us to Corsicana and showed us the CSB. After my grandparents passed away, my mother started sending me a fruitcake and an apricot cake for the holidays. They were wonderful, the best fruitcake and apricot cake I have ever had! Of course they were made special by the fact that I had seen your bakery. Thank you for your delicious products!
Added by Marcelle

I never liked fruit cake until today when I tried your Apricot Pecan cake and I can now say I like fruit cake. I will try the regular fruitcake next. I regret never trying your fruit cake when growing up in Texas. Now I live in Georgia and cannot drive over to visit CSB. Thank you CSB for making a believer out of me.
Added by K. Ramesh

Our family lived in Corsicana between 2000-2001 when we often visited the bakery. Subsequently upon moving to Charlotte NC we continue to get the fruit cake every Christmas and also send to our relatives in India, Germany and the UK. They love the fruit cake and often look forward to eating it again. Keep up the excellent quality.
Added by Marshall

I have been ordering cakes for many years as Christmas gifts. I always make sure to order myself one of the apricot cakes. They freeze beautifully, and they even taste great frozen! Hey, I love it that way!!

A quality item for any of the cakes, and they make great presents!
Added by C. G.

A friend only said that he'd once had the best and most phenomenal fruitcake from Texas. He added that it was so completely unlike the "bricks" of so many jokes, so I looked online and found Collin Street. As it turns out, I got it right and they are indeed stupendous! I've been ordering them for him for Christmas & his birthday for years now. I now send them to my parents, brother and friends in France. Everyone loves them! He keeps his in my refrigerator (where it doesn't last long enough to warrant freezing). It takes great effort on my part to not eat it all when he isn't here...
Added by George Dabbs

I have ordered your fruitcakes for years now as I learned as a child from my grandparents and parents that there isn't anything to compare it to, its the greatest. I have sent them to friends for years and they have all enjoyed them. I am now in my eighties and I enjoy them more each year, what a tradition. Its something that I will never forget. Thank you very much.
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