Cinchona® Costa Rican Coffee


The Cinchona Costa Rican Coffee is a rich gourmet coffee that comes from the mountains of Costa Rica.

The "rich coast" of Costa Rica, abundant with Tropical rainforest, white water rivers and live volcanoes, has for centuries produced some of the world's finest coffee.

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    High in a cloud forest, near the mile wide Poas Volcano, lies the mountain village of Cinchona. Here, local families tend tiny plots, which produce a limited amount of these extraordinary coffee beans. Known for its smooth, clean taste, the Costa Rican coffee is named Cinchona, and Collin Street Bakery is its exclusive distributor. Order online or Mail order these exclusive Costa Rican coffee beans online from Collin Street Bakery and taste the flavor for yourself. This exclusive Costa Rican coffee makes a lovely addition to an already thoughtful gift.


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  • FAQ

    Tips For Brewing Gourmet Coffee Beans

    1. Use only fresh roasted gourmet coffee beans.
    2. Store your coffee beans in an airtight container.
    3. Grind your beans just before brewing.
    4. Use only fresh filtered water.
    5. Use a quality coffee maker that is clean.
    6. Drink your coffee soon after the brewing is completed.



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