Texas Blonde Pecan Cake

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    This classic 100 year old recipe elegantly hand decorated with only the finest Texas pecan halves.


    We use an abundance of native Texas pecans, pure clover honey, hand-selected Costa Rican pineapples and papayas, ripe red cherries, and plump golden raisins. A handsome and decadent delight for any season.


    The Regular size is 1 lb. 14 oz (850 gr), and serves 16-20 guests, and the Medium serves 24-30. Perfect for you. Perfect as a gift.

    Each Cake arrives in an attractive keepsake tin.

    Refrigerated, stays moist and delicious for months.



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Added by Randall

These "tastes of Texas" were well received last year and I thought I would score again. They seem to be the only level headed thing coming out of Texas lately.
Added by W.F.

Great site and yummy products!
Added by Diana

My daughter just ordered the DeLuxe® Fruitcake. I can only say "out of this world". For people that say they don't like fruitcake, they need to try this one.
Added by Timothy

These are, with out a doubt, the best cakes in the world.
Added by Ann

The best buy on the Internet!
Added by Frenchie

I ordered 2 of your fruitcakes for Christmas - a regular one for me (awesome, I loved it and still have a small piece left) and the other one was pineapple for my brother and he ATE THE WHOLE THING IN TWO DAYS. Your cakes are rich, moist, and delicious. Thank you.
Added by Maria

For me, this is the best way to give something special for ones I love and who live far away! These cakes are from a fairy tale!
Added by Ann

I just keep coming back to this site and ordering. A small indulgence when I get home from work makes my day.
Added by Wayne

We just returned from a trip to Costa Rica. Imagine our surprise when the tour bus stopped at a pineapple plantation - owned by Collin Street Bakery. We learned about pineapples and sampled some of the freshest pineapple and pineapple juice ever. We also sampled a cake that I had not had before, which was great. Keep baking those great cakes!
Added by Larry

I've been a fruitcake fanatic for years but this is by far the most addictive cake I've ever eaten. It is so delicious and moist. They are so good I order 2 at a time.
Added by Karyle

Had my first taste of Texas Blonde Pecan Cake while visiting relatives in Texas. This is the BEST fruitcake I have ever eaten, and I will continue to order for friends, family and myself. What a sweet little indulgence!
Added by Robert

I come from Australia. These cakes are the best in the world. I'm ordering the Texas Blonde Pecan Cake.
Added by ROBERT R

I buy myself a fruitcake every CHRISTMAS. It's better then my Grandmother made. These cakes are the best in the world!
Added by sara

Its the 6th day of the New Year and I've eaten my cake already… oops! Oh well, good excuse to try the blonde pecan cake as well then.....wish you'd open an outlet in the UK… but then again, probably good for my waistline that you haven't!
Added by Jacqueline

This is EVERYONE'S favorite during the holidays!
Added by Shirley

I hate fruitcake! I was at Collin Street bakery in Lindale having lunch and there was a sample of the Texas blonde pecan cake within reach. I tasted it expecting it to be as bad as all the other fruitcakes I've tried. Imagine my surprise when it was moist and cakey. It was divine. I just ordered one to send to my finicky brother in Miami. Anyone who hates fruitcake should know this is not like any fruitcake you've ever tried before. My mouth is watering after ordering the cake for my brother I think I'll try to Lindale and buy myself one. That's how good it was.
Added by Edward

I have been ordering these delicious creations for about 3 decades. I have been in Korea for 4 years and have definitely not been deprived of receiving my pecan fruitcakes.
Added by Sanchez

My father and mother would always order two Fruit Cakes for Christmas, so we had the chance to taste such a great tasting, fresh, moist fruit cake. So this Christmas my wife and I are ordering one. Give yourself and family the opportunity that my parents gave us, try it you'll like it.
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